The following exhibitions will be on view: June 7 – July 26, 2014


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Main Gallery: WATCHMEN - Surveillance and The Flaneur
Curated by Max Presneill, Lisa DeSmidt and Chris Reynolds
WATCHMEN - This exhibition examines the relationship between the notion of the Flaneur and the City derive under the pressure of being watched via CCTV cameras and monitoring. How does one engage with the disinterested observations of the wandering eye when self-consciousness about being both the observer and the observed interfere with the experience?


Artists: Shagha Ariannia, Lindsay Bottos, Sergio Bromberg, Tyler Calkin, Sophie Calle, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Zavier Ellis, Darren Hostetter, Kiel Johnson, Susan Logoreci, Alexis Milne, MAP: Mobile Arts Platform, Mark Nelson, Dane Picard and Kari Reardon
Special Opening Screenings by: Vito Acconci, Jenny Holzer and Sterling Ruby




Gallery Two: 179 Easy Steps to a Masterpiece
V&B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker) – Netherlands based painting duo


The artist Duo V&B was founded in 2007 in the city of Los Angeles. Through the recurring use of ironic self portrayal in their paintings, sculptures and installations, they stir up a commentary on the (art)world. Their work combines historic references with elements borrowed from the media and popular culture. Both impulsive inspiration and a critical interest reveal surprising combinations that invite the viewer to search for commonly missed relations.





Dark Room Presents:
Elizabeth Withstandley- From Far Away Across The Univers and Cathy Ward- Channel


"From Far Away Across The Universe" is a video and sound installation by Elizabeth Withstandley. It is the third part of a multi phase project that started in the summer of 2011. It began with the launch of a website to collect stories about a friend, Matt Winthrop, who had passed away the prior year. The website contained a built in audio recorder, enabling people to speak privately and tell their story of Matt. Since stories become the record of our existence, the idea was that through these stories a stranger could get an understanding of a person they had never met.

Next, London based artist Cathy Ward was asked to go to a concert by the band Spiritualized and experience it for Matt. The 37 audio recordings collected on the website were compiled onto a CD and sent to Cathy, along with a ticket to the concert. She was instructed to listen to the recordings prior to the concert so that she could get an idea of whom Matt was and experience the concert for him. She was also asked to document her experience at the concert in the form of audio, video and photography.

The installation presents the recorded concert audio over a video featuring the waveform representation of the show. Excerpts of the 37 recorded stories can be heard on the opposing side of the room. Viewers can step in and out at any point and experience part of the concert and stories, allowing them to be a part of the event themselves as a transient presence through Matt and Cathy.

"Channel", a short film Cathy created in response to her participation on the project, accompanies the piece.


Online Exhibition:

Cartographia: Artifacts of a Creative Journey
Curated by James Scarborough

Participating Artists: Maurizio Anzeri, Val Britton, Antonio Dias, Josh Dorman, Cindy Kane, Joyce Kozloff, Thomas Lyon Mills, Ibrahim Miranda, Loren Munk, Greg Murr, Jayme Odgers, Kim Rugg, Patricia Smith, Lisa C Soto, Sarah Walker, Matthew Weinstein and Jeffrey Whittle


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